Wolven, PLLC, serves our clients on a number of estate planning related matters. Planning for the future is something we all should do, but many do not. However, it will set your mind, and those of your loved ones, at ease to consider the future today before a situation arises where the matter is urgent. We work with individuals and families on wills, trusts, and estate plans. We also work with family and small- and medium-sized businesses on succession planning. Contact us today to arrange an appointment to review your situation and see what makes sense for you.

One of the most common estate planning tools, a will allows you, and not the state to identify who inherits your possessions.With a will you can direct who will take your home, your car, or your family heirlooms. We can help you prepare a will or update your current will. The time to plan is now.

Building on a will, maybe a trust is a better solution for your estate plan. Trusts can help you protect what you have now and can also help you better define how your estate is passed along to future generations. Other trusts can be setup for education, funding a first home for a loved one, a gift to your church or school, or almost any other purpose you define. Come explore the options with us and see what you can leave for the future.

Power of Attorney
A power of attorney is a tool where you enable someone else to act on your behalf. These should be carefully considered to allow only the control you want to allow and protect you when you are most vulnerable. From a general power of attorney, meaning a wide ranging power granted to another, to a limited power of attorney, narrowly written to only allow very specific permissions, we can help you decide what fits your particular need.

Patient Advocate Designation
Everyone should have a Patient Advocate Designation (commonly called a Medical Power of Attorney) to enable someone you know and trust to follow your decisions if you are medically unable to decide for yourself. Do you want all life saving measures taken? Do you want to make life choices or follow your creator's plan without influence? We can help you decide what to instruct others - your family, your doctor, your close friend whom you entrust everything to - to do for you if you cannot communicate those needs for yourself.