The Probate and Trust Law Statue is widely misconstrued and maligned. The purpose and policy of the law - is "TO SIMPLIFY (emphasis added) and CLARIFY (emphasis added) the law concerning the affairs of decedents, missing individual, protected individuals, minors and legally incapacitated individuals; to discover and make effective a decedent's intent in distribution of the decedent's property; and to promote a speedy and efficient system for liquidating a decedent's estate and making distribution to the decedent's successors."

In addition, trust provisions of the statue have the underlying purposes of making more comprehensive and clarifying the law governing trusts in this state; to permit the continued expansion and development of trust practices through customs, usage, and agreement of the parties; and to foster certainty in the law so that settlors of trusts will have confidence that their instructions will be carried out as expressed in the terms of the trust.

The lawyers at Wolven, PLLC are fully aware of the substantive laws related to probate and trusts and are able to assist clients in probate and trust matters while appreciative and sensitive to the special mental, physical, economic and emotional needs of our clients.

Given the fact that the United States is experiencing a dramatic increase in the number of people who live to old age, there is a need for lawyers to be aware of the growing complexity of the issues, laws and policies related to Elders. Elder law involves estate planning, retirement financial planning, social security and SSI issues, paying for health care and long-term care costs, special trusts for aged and disabled, family law issues and much more. At Wolven, PLLC, we're ready and able to help solve the challenges of daily living facing elder citizens of the area.