Landlord / Tenant
Whether you are landlord or tenant, and have need of a lease agreement, thinking about entering a lease agreement, or are involved, or about to be involved, in eviction proceedings, you may require legal assistance. We can help.

Are you about to become a landlord? Or a tenant? What is involved? Should you have a written agreement? What about the term of a lease? What about deposits? Can you bring your pets? Who
should pay for modifications or improvements? Who handles service and repairs for broken items?

What if you are dealing with an eviction situation? Were all the proper steps followed for a valid eviction? Was proper notice given? Was a payment refused? Was it allowable to refuse a payment? Or to skip one?

Wolven, PLLC, has represented both sides in landlord / tenant matters. Whether it involves your home or your business you should seek qualified assistance to better understand your options and your obligations under the circumstances. When you need guidance on a landlord / tenant issue, contact Wolven, PLLC, for the help you need. Get in touch!

Real Estate
Which deed is appropriate for your situation? How should this be financed? Is the title free and clear? What about a property that is distressed?

Real Estate transactions can be simple or extremely complex. Solid and experienced legal representation will help guide you through the process. Contact Wolven, PLLC, now for help in your real estate transaction needs!