Wolven, PLLC, serves its clients on a number of family law related matters. Recognizing the intensely personal nature of these situations, we seek to act as not only an attorney, but also as a counselor to guide our clients to the best possible outcome given their personal circumstances. Contact us today to arrange for a confidential review of your situation.

Custody of Minor Child
Establishing or seeking custody of a minor child is an emotional process. Allow our firm to guide you and your loved ones on the process. From helping you decide if seeking custody is reasonable, or may be awarded, to filing the forms or standing by your side throughout the process, we can give you guidance and direction. If you seek a change to the current custodial environment and would like assistance in the process, we may be able to assist as well. We can advise you on the requirements and assist you in the overall process.

If you require representation in a divorce, consider retaining Wolven, PLLC, to represent you. Divorce represents one of the most emotional times you may ever face. Allow us to help you through this process. We work to help you determine what is important for your future, and then help assess what a possible outcome could be. We also help estimate what the potential financial obligations could be for either party. If minor children are involved we will work with you as the Friend of the Court conducts its various investigations and will represent you concerning the Friend of the Court recommendations.

Adoption -- Child
Adopting a child can be one of the most rewarding and joyous events in your life. Although it can be a very long process, the reward is the positive impact on the life of a child and on the parents. We can assist you in this process and guide you and your family through this exciting time.

Adoption -- Adult
Often times adults want to adopt another adult for estate planning and other similar reasons. Many times this is done to solidify a long-term relationship and to recognize the positive and familial relationships the parties have held for a long time. We can guide you through the process and help you and yours legally recognize what you already know.

Guardianships/ Conservatorship
Sometimes you want to insure someone is cared for or funds of another managed guardianship may be a way for you to help a loved one both in fund management and to have a more stable life and future. Guardianships allow you to seek court approval to help manage the care or funds for a minor or another adult. If you think conservatorship may be a solution for one of your loved ones, contact us and we will help you determine if a guardianship truly makes sense.